Hobo Maps - PDF Maps Info

To Order PDF Maps for Off-line Viewing (cost $1.00 US each)
1. send email to us at hobomaps@yahoo.com with names of the maps you want to buy from the list below
2. make a US Dollar transfer to our PayPal account hobomaps@yahoo.com - cost is $1.00 each map
3. after payment is verified we will send the maps to you as email attachments

New Map - the Findermap Chiang Mai Big Map is also now for sale as PDF map but at a higher price of $3.00 US for this large map

Try a sample PDF map - click HERE to see our Luang Namtha PDF Map - then right click on it to copy and save to your computer or mobile device
- when viewed off-line see how you can zoom in and out smoothly with perfect quality and how easy it is to use the index embedded in the map

Website maps have poor zooming and we need 2 or more maps to show all things clearly - we can replace these with one PDF map